Why Your Scottsdale Team Needs Introverts and Extroverts to be Successful

There is a lot of confusion surround introverts and extroverts. Most people typically think of introverts as shy while they think of extroverts as the life of the party. They think introverts are anti-social while extroverts are charismatic. This is simply not the truth.

Why Your Scottsdale Team Needs Introverts and Extroverts to be Successful

Why Your Scottsdale Team Needs Introverts and Extroverts to be Successful

Learn about the benefits of having introverts and extroverts on your Scottsdale team
Scottsdale, Arizona

The primary difference between introverts and extroverts is how they get their energy. Introverts need a lot of time alone to recharge, and being around a lot of people takes up a lot of emotional and mental energy. They get the reputation as “shy” because they are choosy about how they spend this social energy. Conversely, extroverts are energized by being around other people. They may not be the most charming or funny people, but they enjoy being around others.

Introverts and extroverts both bring different strengths to the work place, and you need both personality types to make your Scottsdale team successful. Investing in team building exercises can help you figure out how to tap these strengths and get employees with different personalities to better work together.

Here are a few reasons you need both personality types to make your business successful:


Introverts take their time to reflect before speaking or acting. That includes in conversations and in work projects. Therefore, when an introvert responds, you know that you are getting their carefully considered thoughts. You also know that any suggestions for the project will be well thought-out and will likely contribute to its success.

Introverts tend to be underestimated in the work place because they work in the background and without a lot of accolades. However, they carry through on their promises and they pay great attention to detail. They can help make any project stronger.


Extroverts tend to shine in the spot light, but they don’t always back up their enthusiasm with action. Extroverts like to talk about big ideas and to work in groups. They are great at motivating the team and getting people inspired around a common goal. However, they are not as good as following through with promises or handling the details.

Extroverts are the perfect complement to introverts. They consider the big picture and rally the team around the cause, while introverts work quietly in the background on the details required to make it happen. You need both personality types to make your Scottsdale business a success.

Extroverts and introverts can clash, thanks to their very different communication styles and personalities. A Direct Effect can help you build a stronger team with our Scottsdale corporate team building workshops and retreats. Professional team building exercises can help your employees learn to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses and how they influence the team. These exercises will teach strategies for working cooperatively and communicating effectively. Team members will be able to delegate roles appropriately so that everyone has a role that suits their strengths, helping the whole team achieve its goals more quickly. Call us today to learn more about our team building events in Scottsdale or to create a custom retreat for your team.

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