Trash Can Theater

Welcome to a way, way, “Off Broadway” team building session where business and theater meet on stage. The drama is high as theater troops create mini-productions around company products, business objectives or, conference themes. Then it’s Showtime as teams perform theatrical skits filled with music, romance, mystery and corporate comedy.

Teams are provided with a “Back Lot” Trash Can, filled with costumes, make up and a variety of dramatic props. The contents of each container are designed around popular themes including: Geek Squad, Heroes, Sport Jocks, Pirates, Cowboys, Hippies, Wizard of Oz, Elvis, Future Shock, Barnyard Critters and many other creative themes.

As the lights dim our narrator will provide the introductions to this “Theater in The Round” style evening. Then the actors will reveal hidden talents as they entertain each other soaking up the spotlight and delivering their lines. When the curtain falls our “Critics” will determine who gets the Oscars and will be honored in the special awards celebration that follows.

Team Building Effects

  • Increases positive risk taking
  • Encourages time management
  • Stimulates creative thinking
  • Promotes individual talents
  • Emphasizes individual roles/responsibilities
  • Encourages sequenced planning
  • Uses peers as resources
  • Strengthens positive team attitudes
  • Builds relationships
  • Simulates team decision making

Trash Can Theater team building program

Direct Effect trash can theater corporate team building and skill event

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