The Top 8 Reasons to Have a Scottsdale Company Party!

The Top 8 Reasons to Have a Scottsdale Company Party!

The Top 8 Reasons to Have a Scottsdale Company Party!

Here are some reasons why you should have a company party right now!
Scottsdale, Arizona

Company parties are fun, at least to most of us. Of course there are always those who consider them to a waste of time and money that could both be spent on better things otherwise. But company parties are actually a great way to (re)connect your team boost morale and increase
your Scottsdale’s team productivity and spirit and thus making your company more successful.

And it can happen at any time during the year, no holidays needed. Here are some reasons why you should have a company party right now:

1. Create Bonds: Mingling with your team(s) is a great way to personalize work interaction. Big corporations and businesses are often broken up in departments and employees don’t get to meet each other face to face most of the year. At your company party. they have time to catch up, and to get to know each other better. Employees are much more inclined to help fellow employees they know.

2. Rewards and Recognition: Show your Scottsdale team how much you appreciate it. Throw a bash with good food, drinks, entertainment just for them. Showing appreciation goes a long way.

3. Escape: Parties are a fun way to leave life behind for a bit. A company party does the same. Offer your team the possibility of letting go for a while and just enjoying themselves without having to worry about deadlines and other work-related issues.

4. Inclusion: An office party is a great way to include contractors or freelancers into your corporate culture and show them your appreciation as well.

5. Fun: Fun is a highly underrated aspect of work. If there is no fun, work is dragging and those who drag work, don’t get work done.

6. Connect with Employees: A company party is a fantastic opportunity to connect with employees and show that you are one of them. Nothing stunts company growth like the feeling of exclusion. Also use the time to listen to their suggestions for improvement or how to better implement certain strategies.

7. Give them something to talk about (and bond about): It might be a good idea to have a company party at the middle of the week, because the work day after a company party is always great. It is fantastic to see employees share memories of the night before, strengthen and reinforce bonds and carry the spirit into their everyday work routine.
The many benefits of a business party
8. Team-Building: A company party is a team building event in itself, but you can also turn an office party into a team building event or a team building event in Scottsdale into a party.

So have a party today! No matter if it is a fun summer barbecue, a Halloween party, Christmas or New Year’s Party or whatever else suits your company’s style. While parties can be considered to be team building events in themselves, hosting a corporate team building event or retreat for your Scottsdale business can be a fantastic way to strengthen your team’s bond, spirit and productivity. Work events that do not take place at work, are a surefire way to get your team back on track.

If you have any questions about team building events, or are looking for ways to increase your team’s productivity and creativity, contact us today. Direct Effect has the experience and the tools to help your team!

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