The Top 5 Arizona Team Issues and How to Address Them

The Top 5 Arizona Team Issues and How to Address Them

The Top 5 Arizona Team Issues and How to Address Them
Here are the top five team issues your Arizona business might face and how you can address them!
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Building a strong Arizona team is essential to the health of your business. Without a strong team, productivity will suffer due to poor communication and low morale. You’ll lose the top talent you need to propel your company forward. You’ll pay much more in overhead and personnel costs.

Investing in PHX team building exercise can help you promote healthy communication and a good working relationship among your team members. Yet you also need to focus on team building strategies for specific issues. Here are the top five team issues your Arizona business might face and how you can address them:

1. Personality Issues

Just like you can’t pick your family, you can’t pick your co-workers. While managers might try to hire team members who are not only talented but who are also a fit with the company culture, they aren’t always successful at hiring people whose personalities complement one another. Everyone has had to work with someone they just didn’t like or who was hard to work with because of some personality issue.

Tempe corporate team building exercises are especially useful in helping to overcome personality issues at work because they promote effective communication. Employees don’t have to think alike to be on the same page. Effective communication can help them get to the root of the issue and to problem solve in a productive way. Team building exercises can take employees through role-playing scenarios to deal with different issues that might arise as a result of personality differences.

2. Communication

Even people whose personalities complement each other well can have problems as a result of miscommunication. Whether it’s an email, a voice message or a personal conversation, problems with communication are a leading cause of conflict in the workplace.

Improving communication is at the heart of team building. Exercises can help team members identify their own communication style and how they can express themselves more clearly or diplomatically. Exercises can also help team members understand how best to communicate in different mediums. The way you talk to someone in person will be much different than how you talk to someone in email when there are no verbal or social cues for the conversation.

3. Leadership

There’s a saying that people don’t quit their jobs; they quit their managers. Poor leadership can undermine the whole team. Finding the right leaders is the best place to start, but even great leaders need ongoing training to be the best.

Team building can help Scottsdale leaders understand how better to communicate and lead their team as a whole and as individuals. Team building exercises can also foster leadership among members of the team, making the unit stronger.

4. Lack of Creativity

Innovation is the heart of success. If your team does not feel inspired, it won’t be able to come up with the ideas that will set your company apart and move it into the future.

Team building inspires creativity by teaching employees new ways to approach problems. Many of the exercises ask team members to work together to solve a problem, and the exercises reward creativity and innovation. These exercises can teach team members new problem-solving strategies, as well as how best to use other members for creative brainstorming.

5. Indecisiveness

Every team member has to be a leader in his or her own right. Indecisive employees require too much handholding, time and resources, and they are a drain on the team.

Again, team building exercises encourage natural leadership by teaching employees problem-solving skills. When employees have the tools to diagnose a problem and form a strategy for it, they will feel more confident to act.

If your Arizona business is dealing with any of these common team issues, A Direct Effect Team Building can help. We can conduct team building exercises on site at your Arizona office, or we can schedule a retreat designed to meet the particular needs of your team. Whether you spend an afternoon or a weekend with us, your team will come away from the experience stronger, better able to communicate, and better able to meet shared goals. Call us today to find out how we can help make your team stronger to help your company succeed.

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