The Cost of Being a Bad Boss and How to Prevent Being One

There is much talk about how to boost your under-performing Gilbert team and how “bad” team members can bring down the team. But what about the boss? What if you have a great team, but the boss is under-performing, petty or generally disengaged and not in touch with his or her work or team? Gallup states that poor management is the main reason for worker disengagement.

The Cost of Being a Bad Boss and How to Prevent Being One

The Cost of Being a Bad Boss and How to Prevent Being One

Here are the main issues of poor management and how to fix them!
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This forces managers all over to take a closer look in the mirror, as poor management drives disengagement and is responsible for costing U.S. organizations over $500 billion each year. So being a poor manager does not only cost you in terms of team spirit and performance, but it has incredible loss potential for the entire company.

Here are the main issues of poor management and how to fix them:

Control Junky

Some managers have a hard time relinquishing control and why a manager should manage and to some extent control the team, she should not be obsessed with controlling every move. This goes hand and hand with micromanaging. If the boss dictates every tiny detail, leaves no room for self-expression or growth, workers are essential soldiers executing orders. This does not make for a great work atmosphere nor will it allow the company to grow and improve. Micromanaged employees won’t put their full effort in projects, but only do as much as needed to shut the boss up and get him of their backs.

A lot of micromanaging comes from a lack of understanding and way that is not yours. Ease up on controlling every move of your team and experience the positive change coming from it.

You Don’t Know How to Manage

Yes, that’s a big one. While you may have been promoted to manager, do you actually know how to efficiently manage a productive team that enjoys coming to work?

A good way to prevent this is to ask for some managerial training or read yourself into the subject. Keep in mind, a properly managed team is a reflection of your leadership skills.

There are several reasons why this may happen. For one oftentimes, companies promote those who do a job best, instead of those who are the best leaders. So maybe the person with the biggest sales volume gets promoted, but he then holds everybody else to his incredible high standards and cannot empathize with his team. Likewise, a program developer may be promoted to leader of his pack, because she has the best ideas and computer skills, but is lacking insight and understanding for her co-workers.

Good managers are not always the best at the job they do, but understand what it takes to be a team leader. Being good at something does not mean you are automatically a good team leader. Properly training new managers can be a tremendous help in prevent bad management from popping up.

You Can’t Take Criticism

Being the manager doesn’t make you right 100% of the time. Many leaders feel personally attacked if someone suggest a different way of doing things. Managing a team does not mean that you have to have the answer to everything, instead you need to be able to recognize great ideas within your team.

If someone offers another idea, it does not mean they questions your skills or your leadership, they are simply inspired enough (and that’s a good thing) to offer up alternatives. As a leader you are responsible for what’s best for the team, the company and not your ego.

Feared Leader

You want to be respected, not feared. “Ruling” by fear is an easy task, as the team’s tyrant you threaten with job loss and other repercussions. The result? -Your team will work hard enough to not get fired and hope that mistakes are being overlooked. It does not give you a team that actually performs to its full potential. Leading with fear will lead to a disengaged team. A disengaged team may keep your company afloat but never help it grow. Additionally, if they are too afraid to admit making a mistake to you, those mistakes will come back to haunt you and cost you much more in the end.


You, the manager are at work long before everybody gets there and long after everyone leaves. Is that really a problem, you may ask? -Yes,it is.

While always being there might in your eyes be a sign of how much you care about the company, the work, the team, it can also send a really negative message.

Why are you always there? Are you managing your time poorly? Are you not trusting your team to work without your constant supervision?

Maybe it will make your team feel guilty for not being there all the time or maybe you are delegating poorly and your own workload is too much. No matter what the reason may be, it is a sign that your management skills need a serious re-assessment.

You Are too Nice

Being liked is as easy as being feared. If you says yes to everything, never reprimand anybody, give your employees free reign, they will definitely like you, but they probably won’t respect you.

A great manager knows when the time is right to being nice and when she has to be the “bad boss”. Bad meaning, you enforce discipline when needed, make sure that all the tasks are done properly and hold your team member accountable.

Accountability is very important. If you settle for being the nice boss, your team will wallow in a sea of mediocrity and never perform to the level it is able to, because you are okay with just enough. Accountability makes them want to show you just what they can do.

There are many other factors that make a bad and/or good boss. Most importantly, you need to remember that while you are the leader, you are still part of your Gilbert corporate team. If you feel a disconnect or drop in performance, you should schedule a business workshop or a Gilbert corporate team building event with the professionals at Direct Effect. We have helped teams and their leader to improve their performance for many years. Contact us today to learn more.

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