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Tempe, Arizona is not only home to Arizona State University, but also to many different national and international corporations. Insight Enterprises, Limelight Networks, LifeLock, First Solar, the Salt River Project, Circle K,Fulton Homes and Mobile Mini also call Tempe home. But Tempe is not only a great place to work. It boasts a great cultural heritage which makes it attractive to visitors and residents alike. You can relax at night while strolling along Tempe Town Lake or experience the annual Arizona Iron man. No matter what you enjoy doing, you can do it in Tempe. It is a great world town that still has a great sense of community.

Creative Team Building Ideas For Your Tempe Corporation

Direct Effect has been Tempe’s top team building facilitator for many years. We have assisted countless companies in Tempe and surrounding communities in improving team dynamics and performance. If your corporate team is lacking or under-performing you should consider hosting one of our fantastic, fun and efficient workshops to get your crew back on track. Our experienced instructors are familiar with the corporate culture of the Southwest and the ever shifting dynamics in companies all over the US. By planning a Tempe corporate team building event with Direct Effect you give your team the edge it needs to maximize its potential.

Fun Team Building Exercises For Your Tempe Corporation

If you think team building events are boring, let us show you that they are anything but. Direct Effect has created a unique repertoire of team building exercises that are fun and effective. We believe that the maximum benefit can only be achieved if our participants thoroughly enjoy the process and forget that they are attending a corporate team building retreat. Direct Effect is known for providing a fun and innovative way to get your team back in the “groove”. Our program is portable which makes it suitable for virtually any locale. Because we take into account that every person works in a unique manner, we have games custom tailored to personality types and fitness levels. When facilitating a Tempe corporate team building and bonding event, it is of the essence that no team member is left behind. Our events are fun for everyone.

How Our Tempe Team Building Company Can Help

If you have ever dealt with a team that is quarreling, not seeing eye-to-eye or simply does not get along, you know how hard it is to get them to produce anything of value. This does not mean that you should disband your team, but maybe it is time for some “performance enhancing strategies”. Direct Effect draws from years of team building events we have hosted all over the country. We understands the common causes of failing teams and address them in a fun and playful way. Our programs is fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit your team’s spirit and needs. You have to take every team member into account and ensure that the strengths and weaknesses complement each other. Our exercises help team member to uncover each other’s positive while fostering appreciation of every group member. Contact us to see how we can help.

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There is no better time than now. Get your team up to speed and outperform every other team. Success feels good and will keep your team motivated and on course for a long time to come. Corporate teams can feel disconnected from the company and need a special boost to get the feeling of being connected. Our experienced facilitators can assist you to achieve that. If you choose we can integrate our program in a weekend retreat, holiday party, company barbecue or any other event of your choosing. Direct Effect can host your company event inside or outside and we can also give you some leads on fantastic Tempe venues. Bring your team together and let us host a fantastic corporate retreat for you. We will provide a fun filled program that truly works. Many of our clients have consulted with us and planned events with us repeatedly, because they are please with the results.

If you have any questions or concerns, our event specialists are glad to provide you with the answers you need to plan the perfect Tempe corporate team building event. We can walk you through our individual programs and choose the ones that match those areas you want the team to improve upon. We have games that allow to develop strategic thinking, bonding, delegating of tasks, charitable thinking and the chance to blow of stress through physical activities.


“This is the only program that brought my team together!”
5 Star Reviews for Direct Effect Team Building


“My team gets along 10x better now!”
5 Star Reviews for Direct Effect Corporate Team Building Company


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