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People from all over the world have made Phoenix, AZ their home. Oftentimes, they moved here because of their work. Maybe their company has a branch here or has moved their center of operations. Others, opened their own business and have grown them into the companies they are today. Even though Phoenix was hit hard by the financial crisis from 2007-2010, it has recovered well and today is home to several Fortune 500 companies. In fact, it has pretty much recovered completely from it and jobs are at a peak yet again and predicted to grow even more. Currently, the largest business sectors of the greater Phoenix area are real estate, finance, manufacturing, health care, and retail.

Fun Team Building Ideas For Your Phoenix Corporation

Direct Effect has been providing effective, quality team building services to Phoenix and surrounding communities for many years. We understand the demands that modern corporate culture places on their employees and teams and we know how to work within these frameworks to motivate and engage your teams so that it is able to tap into its resources and deliver a great work performance, day after day. If your Phoenix corporate team has been lacking motivation and/ or cooperation as of late, it may be time to consider a well-planned and fun team building event or retreat. You will be surprised at the difference this can make with your team.

Fun Team Building Exercises For Your Phoenix Corporation

Hearing the words team building exercise might not get you or your team excited right of the bat and that is okay. Direct Effect’s team building will turn your Phoenix team building workshop into a fun and rewarding experience that lets you observe your team’s dynamic, while breathing new life and motivation into your team. Our fun and entertaining program is custom tailored to the needs of your team and takes into account the different personalities of your team members. All our exercises target a specific team skill, which allows us to design a completely customizable team event just for you and your team. Our team building exercises are suitable to be set up inside a conference center or hotel, as well as outside at a park or lakeside venue. We go where you need us.

How Our Team Building Company in Phoenix Can Help

If your team is unable to communicate efficiently or has a dynamic that is just play “off”, Direct Effect’s program can be a tremendous help. Through customized workshops, we can get your team talking and help your team members to get to know and understand each other better. A team that is in sync does not happen at work alone. It is essential that your team gets along and has an understanding of who the other team members are, as well as what strength they bring to the table. Our programs can assist your team in (re)connecting and become the best team it has ever been. You do not want every team member to be the same, instead it is important to be aware and enhance each team member’s individual role in the entity of the team. A team needs all of its members to be a success.

Start Our Phoenix Leadership Training Programs Today

There is no reason to wait, get your Phoenix started on the road of success, today! We will meet with you to discuss and assess all your needs and concerns and our on site team work facilitators will take care of the rest. Our fun and interactive games are designed to let your team become one strong unit, by improving communication, strategic team thinking, strengthening the team spirit and realizing the value of each team member. We are able to incorporate our business workshops in a company party, a weekend retreat or picnic. Additionally to having a team that communicates and works together better, your team leadership skills will have grown tremendously as well. A team leader has to be part of his/her team, if he/she wants the team to succeed.

Experience the effect we can have on your Phoenix corporate team. Our programs are designed to address certain components of the team dynamic such as using peers as resources, sequential planning, charity, communication, relying on others and much more. It allows your team to explore what other members of the team have to offer and to be able to rely on others and delegate tasks. A well-executed team building workshop can change the entire dynamic of your team for the better. Give your team the boost it needs today!


“They really helped bring my staff together!”
5 Star Reviews for Direct Effect Team Building

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“Having a staff of all women is difficult but Direct Effect really made a difference!”
5 Star Reviews for Direct Effect Corporate Team Building Company


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