Taking a Fresh Look at Tempe Leadership Skills

Some managers and business owners may think that having too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth. But having many leaders on your team can actually make your Tempe Arizona company stronger and help you meet your goals faster. Leaders are innovative and motivated, which means that they will work harder and smarter.

If you don’t have natural leaders on your team, you can invest in local Tempe corporate team building to encourage these skills. Effective leaders have the ability to:


Leaders make their decisions not just on what they think is best in the moment but what they think will be best based on what they expect to happen. In business, that means they need to think about changing customer preferences and needs.

For example, employees at a food company need to think about emerging dietary trends. The companies who produced low-carb products before others were able to capture more of those sales when the trend took off.

In order to best anticipate the needs of the customer, employees need to not only be aware of market trends but also be plugged into the company’s vision and goals. Team building exercises can promote a shared sense of vision and encourage buy-in from employees. These exercises will also teach employees how to better communicate with customers, which will help them learn more about the needs and interests of the target audience.

Taking a Fresh Look at Tempe Leadership Skills

Taking a Fresh Look at Tempe Leadership Skills!

Direct Effect can build activities around specific goals your company has, such as encouraging employee morale or building leadership skills, or we can put together exercises that encourage an overall healthier team!
Tempe, Arizona


You may think you want rule followers on your team, but you don’t. Rule followers never do anything than what you tell them. Those who challenge the status quo and question the rules can help you find better ways of doing things to improve your company as a whole.

Of course, there is a way to challenge authority while still being respectful, and leadership team building exercises will teach employees to think outside the box while also communicating their ideas effectively. Team building activities will also teach them how to resolve conflict effectively when issues arise when there is a difference of opinion.


A lot of conflict arises in the workplace because employees are simply reacting to one another. They may be misunderstanding the issue, or they may be reacting out of emotion alone.

Leaders are able to synthesize and interpret information to understand a situation before they react. That allows them to gain new insights and to communicate more effectively.

The ability to interpret also helps employees read between the lines and better understand what is driving market conditions. Human behavior is complex, and simple market data is not always enough to shed light on customer wants and needs. Employees who can look to multiple sources of data and interpret it can provide valuable insights about how to better serve your target demo.


Indecisive employees never get anything done. They become paralyzed into inaction because they are afraid of making the wrong choice. Leaders, on the other hand, are decisive and go after what they want. They trust their skill and their experience to lead them to a good decision. They may not always make the right decision, but their ability to make decisions quickly allows them to take advantage of more opportunities.

Tempe leadership team building focuses on helping employees make decisions by gathering and interpreting all available information quickly. Part of the training is on getting the right information together, but part of is on teaching employees how to trust their instincts.

Every member of your Tempe team has training and experience — no matter how limited — and they have the tools to make good decisions for the team. You must also empower them to make decisions, no matter how small, so that they feel more connected to the workplace and more satisfied by the job.


Leaders must know how to bring people together. That means finding common ground among members of the team, as well as aligning the goals of the company with the needs of the customers.

The ability to bring people together in this way requires clear and consistent communication. Leadership team building helps employees at all levels of the organization improve communication in all forms. They will be better to understand each other, which will allow them to make strategic decisions that bring together stakeholders and help the company move toward its goals.


Leaders at the highest levels of an organization often feel that they have so much experience and skill that they have nothing else to learn. But the best leaders know that this isn’t true. The best leaders know that they always have something new to learn and that continuing education — in whatever form — is key to their success and the success of the company.

Team building exercises often include skills and personality testing that help employees better understand their own strengths and weaknesses so that they can develop an action plan for improvement. You can also institute regular reviews or audits to determine where employees are and how they can improve. Rewards programs and bonuses can also encourage employees to improve their skills.

You don’t have to hire team members who already have the leadership skills. You can encourage them by investing in leadership team building exercises and retreats. A Direct Effect offers corporate team building exercises throughout Tempe, both on site and through off-site retreats. We can build activities around specific goals your company has, such as encouraging employee morale or building leadership skills, or we can put together exercises that encourage an overall healthier team. Call us today to learn more.

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