Talladega Afternoon

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines and get ready for all the excitement of Indy and Talladega wrapped together in a high octane Mini-NASCAR extravaganza! Race teams are challenged to build the fastest car possible from a simple block of pinewood. The competition heats up when these aerodynamic racing machines speed down a specially designed 4 lane track towards the checkered flag.

Teams work through a series of strategic activities earning seed money to fund their garage and purchase quality building materials. Car design, engineering, creativity and marketing presentations will determine the race order. Then “Pit Row” fires up as teams trade paint, jockeying for poll position in a series of qualifying heats.

The highlight of this competition comes at the end of the championship race. Top finishing design drivers and propulsion specialists are honored with customized awards in the winner’s circle as they celebrate their victory by chugging down quarts of milk.

Team Building Effects

  • Stimulates creative engineering
  • Emphasizes strategic planning
  • Encourages team brainstorming
  • Offers fun competition
  • Simulates timelines
  • Mandates meeting product specification
  • Simulates marketing the final product
  • Enhances team leadership
  • Delineates roles & responsibilities
  • Builds team spirit
  • Encourages sportsmanship

Table Top Speedway team building program

Team brainstorming team building activities
Sportsmanship team building services with Direct Effect

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