Team Building Skills

Focus on 5 Skills for Success

A successful Team Building session should include a variety of skills focused on increasing the individual Team member’s ability to work effectively together.  When planning a Team Building activity consider including the following Team skills to have the greatest impact on your Team.

Successful team building skills for your Phoenix Arizona company

  • Communication – An increased level of communication will have a direct impact on any Team and their ability to work well together.  Communication skills should focus on listening, giving verbal directions, checking for understanding, changing styles, non-verbal signals, e-mail and written language strategies.
  • Trust – Any Team weather it’s a sports, family, community, or, work must have a high level of trust to be successful.  Teams generally rise to the level that they trust each other.  Trust skills can focus on positive communication, creating a safe Team environment, accountability, defining clear roles and responsibilities and what to do when a team member feels like trust has been compromised.
  • Problem Solving – The majority of Teams work well together when things are going smoothly.  However, only highly effective Teams can continue to work well when they are faced with unexpected challenges.  Problem solving skills include dealing with change, defining the problem, utilizing peers strengths, Team decision making, leadership roles, creativity, planning, identifying outside influences, common goals and strategic thinking.
  • Diversity – Highly successful Teams are often created with people from different cultures, educational backgrounds and life experiences.  Team diversity skills focus on using peers as resources, decreasing competition, understanding individual roles, looking at individual strengths, understanding cultural differences and understanding personal styles.
  • Social Interaction – It’s true, Teams that can have fun and play together will work well together.  Social interaction is a critical ingredient for Team success.  Social skills include Team bonding, getting to know team members outside the workplace, individual interests and hobbies, positive risk taking, humor, play, friendly competition, group fun and enjoyment.

Planning a Team Adventure

So, for your next Team Building outing or activity keep these 5 skills in mind and look for ways to incorporate them into your Team experience.  Increasing any of these skills is a sure way to have a dramatic impact on your Team.  By focusing on these important Team Building skills you can move quickly from an average Team to a high performing Team and you might even have some fun along the way.

Need Creative Ideas?

Look at our web site under the TEAM BUILDING menu for programs that focus on these 5 important skills including Strategic Effects, Mission Possible, Color Pumper Transport, Corporate Boot Camp, Amazing Urban Race and Talladega Afternoon.

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