Strategic Effects

Strategic Effects is the ultimate team building session. The focus of this high energy program is improving team effectiveness. Skills addressed include: two-way communication, creative problem solving, trust, team decision making, individual vs. team goals, accountability, planning with the end result in mind, leadership, taking positive risks, building a team attitude and a team-friendly environment in the work place.

All of our strategic activities involve intellectual, physical, social, and business components. Our full menu of team challenges allows us to customize each session to meet the specific needs of your unique business.

Strategic Effects is great for any size team and can be facilitated indoors or outdoors. This is a proven program that sequentially transforms work groups into high performing teams.

Team Building Effects

  • Builds trust
  • Increases communication
  • Stimulates strategic thinking
  • Promotes accountability
  • Emphasizes individual roles/responsibilities
  • Encourages creative problem solving
  • Uses peers as resources
  • Strengthens positive team attitudes
  • Builds relationships
  • Simulates dealing with change
  • Encourages positive risk taking
  • Establishes team goals
  • Creates team alignment

strategic thinking team building with Direct Effect

Direct Effect creative problem solving and team building services team alignment and team buidling with Direct Effect

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