Olympics On-Site

olympics on site company team building events  “Let the Games begin!”  Your team will catch the true spirit of the Olympic Games with this “weekend athlete” friendly event. Participants of all ages and abilities enjoy friendly competition in a variety of non-traditional sporting venues. The focus of this fun interactive session is on total team work, not individual ability.

Olympics on-site are always customized for your team. Themes can be Non-Traditional Sport, Wacky, Strategic, Beach, Cowboy, Winter, Tribal or Office oriented. Some of the favorites include Human Foosball, 3-Way Volleyball, Fast & Furious Relays and Mini-Minds. Our officials dressed in black and white stripes will stress fun and sportsmanship as they score each of these unique challenges.

Emotions are always close to the surface as the closing ceremony begins. Top teams are honored with Gold, Silver and Bronze metals as they stand proudly at the Olympic podium. When the final anthem plays participants can’t help reflecting on the fun, sportsmanship, humor and courage that inspire the true spirit of the Olympiad.

Team Building Effects

  • Creates high energy
  • Emphasizes total teamwork
  • Exacts strategic thinking
  • Levels the playing field
  • Offers fun competition
  • Builds relationships
  • Provides physical release
  • Incorporates creative challenge
  • Offers a new twist on a popular games

Olympics On-Site team building program

Example of Olympics Team Building Activity
Olympics Corporate Team Building With Direct Effect
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Olympics team building program with professionals at Direct Effect

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