Masterpiece Murals

Working together on up to 8 pre-drawn canvases, teams will paint colorful prints that combined form beautiful natural murals. This truly creative session also has a philanthropic twist. The finished works of art can be displayed back in the workplace or can be donated to charitable organizations such as children hospitals, adoption centers, women and family shelters, or even pet rescue facilities.

Visioning, creative thinking, alignment, leadership and distinguishing individual roles and responsibilities are all benefits of this artistic project. The program is geared for participants of all backgrounds and abilities. Trained facilitators will assist with color pallet selection and basic painting techniques to ensure a high degree of success.

Team murals can be completed in as little as 2 hours and are sure to brighten up any wall where they are displayed. The effects of this colorful festival of paint and people will last long after the final painted canvas has dried.

Team Building EffectsMasterpiece Murals corporate team building company events

  • Increases creative expression
  • Exposes teams to new experiences
  • Stimulates strategic thinking
  • Promotes charity
  • Emphasizes individual roles/responsibilities
  • Encourages sequenced planning
  • Utilizes peers as resources
  • Strengthens positive team attitudes
  • Builds relationships
  • Simulates team decision making


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