How to Get Your Phoenix Team Talking (and Increase Its Productivity)

You may think that too much chatter around the water cooler is hurting your Phoenix office’s productivity. But according to new information from the MIT Human Dynamics Laboratory published in the Harvard Business Review, it will actually help your business if you provide more opportunities for employees to socialize. This doesn’t mean your office should turn into a round-the-clock party scene, but you can increase the socializing by making small changes such as scheduling breaks for the same time or arranging the office seating so that more team members are face to face during the day.

How to Get Your Phoenix Team Talking

How to Get Your Phoenix Team Talking (and Increase Its Productivity)

Learn about increased team productivity through communication!
Phoenix, Arizona

By encouraging socializing, you help team members learn to communicate better in a variety of situations. Social situations are also low-key, allowing team members to relax and get to know each other better. Team members who feel like they are friends or who feel congenial toward one another will be more careful with their words during conflict and will feel more motivated to communicate in a way that is respectful and productive.

Investing in business team building can help you improve the communication of your team and increase overall productivity. Here are a few other ways that you can get your Phoenix team talking:

Allow for Side Chatter

Some meetings are very rigid, with the leader demanding total silence and attention during the presentation. Without an outlet for their attention, employees can start to zone out during these long monologues. Allowing for side chatter also allows employees to air their thoughts or work out questions so that they can remain engaged in the presentation and better understand the information conveyed.

Of course, side chatter shouldn’t become distracting from the overall meeting, but the data from MIT suggests that routine side chatter is the sign of a healthy functioning team.

Provide Plenty of Visual Data

Everyone has a different learning style, and some process information better when it is presented visually. By providing more visual data, you ensure that your employees are all on the same page and they understand the goals of the project and the challenges they face.

Understanding is the foundation for good communication. If your employees don’t understand the information you are presenting, they can’t fully participate.

Learn Individual Communication Styles

The MIT data suggests that individual leadership is not so important as is understanding everyone’s personal communication styles. Once managers learn their employees’ communication styles, they can use the information to structure meetings and other policies around them. This further strengthens communication and the success of the team.

Business team building exercises can help you discover other ways to improve communication among your team. Direct Affect offers workshops and retreats throughout Phoenix. We will design Phoenix corporate team building exercises to meet the needs of your specific team and help you reach your goals. We can conduct workshops on site or design a custom retreat at another location. Whatever your needs, contact us to get your team talking so that they work together better and improve the success of your Phoenix business.
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