How Does Team Building Improve Employee Morale?

There are many reasons why a business or office team loses morale. Rumors of layoffs, restructuring of the company, and poor management can all contribute to a noticeable drop in team positivity. A lack of community and general positivity in the office can also contribute to poor employee morale. But what exactly is team morale, and is it really important to your Peoria business’ success?

What is team morale?

Team morale is defined as the capacity of a sum of people within a team setting to resiliently and consistently work together for a common goal. Great team morale often shows itself through positive attitudes, pleasant atmospheres, and dedication to the team and business.

When team morale drops, it is your responsibility as a leader to help rebuild it. A business is nothing without its team, and if the team is suffering, the business will also suffer. Organizations and businesses that have a team with high morale typically boast higher productivity ratings, better staff engagement, a more pleasant atmosphere, and less employee turnover or absentee rates. A happier workforce means a more productive business. When employees enjoy their job and are excited to be there, they will invest more of themselves and their skills into what they contribute to a workforce. For the sake of your Peoria business, putting the effort into boosting employee morale is worth the effort.

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The power of team building exercises

Implementing an employee team building activity is a fun, uplifting way to boost employee morale. Team building in Peoria, exercises are activities done within or outside the organization that motivate employees to work together and show off their individual talents and skills. Team building exercises could be something as small as daily morning pep talks or as grand as a full outdoor physical games that implement themed props and tribal paint.

Some may see employee team building exercises as a very optional expense and not worth the investment. However, when you invest in your employees, you invest in the future of your business. Team building activities build team identity, encourage strategic thinking, promotes healthy competition, and showcases individual talents. All of these things are vital to a well-functioning and successful business and can really be brought out by fun team building exercises. When your employees are emotionally healthy and build relationships with their coworkers, they will care more about the job they have.

Team building exercises that boost employee morale

There are many team building exercises designed and offered by Direct Effect Team Building that can boost employee morale.

Corporate Boot Camp

Corporate Boot Camp is a military themed adventure that emulates a military boot camp. The Corporate Boot Camp version of Basic Training exercises are not only fun and exciting, but boost team desires to success. The military often makes effective team building a high priority, and doing the same thing for your employees could boost workplace morale effectively.

In Corporate Boot Camp, groups are split up into different ‘military’ groups that are motivated by a Drill Sergeant (quality control officers) to complete various social and physical challenges. The different groups are then scored for their military performance and top winners are offered medals of success.

Corporate Boot Camp has the following team building effects:

  • Encourages trust.
  • Creates team goals.
  • Promotes communication.
  • Encourages strategic thinking.
  • Offers a fun physical and mental outlet.
  • Encourages the use of coworkers on a team.
  • Encourages individual and group accountability and responsibility.
  • Promotes leadership.
  • Strengthens good team attitudes and feelings.
  • Simulates workforce restructuring and change.

Survivor Quest

Survivor Quest is a competitive, fun activity that all employees could find entertainment in. Survivor Quest mixes competition and stamina in a Survivor-like series of challenges. While employees participating are not voted off, they must compete to be the ‘surviving’ winning tribe. This activity is very primal and helps to unleash physical release, giving your employees that workout that will refresh them emotionally and boost their morale.

Survivor Quest has the following team building effects:

  • Showcases individual strengths.
  • Encourages team alignment.
  • Creates a sense of team identity.
  • Encourages team spirit.
  • Promotes strategic and creative thinking.
  • Promotes healthy competition.
  • Encourages relationship building.
  • Physical and mental refreshment.

Color Pumpers

Color Pumpers is a fun and creative challenge that encourages teams to create a colored liquid transportation system with very little supplies. This activity encourages teams to really rely on each other during times of stress or encroaching deadlines. Supplies often include some Y valves, connectors, PVC piping, and pumps. How the pipeline is made is up to the creative and social skills of the group.

Team morale is often depleted by a lack of community with other employees. Community is incredibly importance in building a workplace team that will give 100% of their skills and effort to keep a business running well. When you work with people you respect and care about, you will care more about the outcome of what you produce as a team. Color Pumper encourages that sense of teamwork in a way that participants will have to experience relying on each other’s individual skills in a time of crisis to get that project done.

Color Pumpers has the following team building effects:

  • Promotes creativity.
  • Encourages design plans.
  • Promotes leadership.
  • Promotes the management of complex tasks and training.
  • Encourages time management.
  • Simulates workplace situations where resources are limited.

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How can I offer team building exercises to my employees?

Direct Effect Team Building is a professional Arizona based training and coaching group that offers various programs and activities that will help your employees find the morale boost they need. Direct Effect Team Building’s top priority is to provide your employees with creative and valuable team building experiences that will not only be loads of fun during the activity, but will leave a lasting impression on your employees and your business’ productivity. Give Direct Effect Team Building a call today or fill out a contact form from our website to learn more about services and activities that are offered.

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