Fun Team Building


Individual team members learn how to be effective when they are having fun through stimulating Team Building activities that have physical, intellectual, social, and business components.  During training exercises participants are likely to get the most out of the experience when they are engaged and enjoying themselves in meaningful activities with their peers.

Fun corporate team building events with Direct Effect in Scottsdale, Arizona

Consider Individual Participants

When planning a team building activity you should consider individual team members and assess the following.

Physical Condition – You want to choose an activity where people of average physical abilities can participate successfully.  You don’t want anyone to feel excluded or self conscious because of weight, age or physical limitation.

Work Climate – Gauge the environment and current conditions the participants work in on a daily basis.  Generally participants won’t have fun if the activity is too similar to their everyday work experience.  For example a team that is under a lot of stress, deadlines, or, financial pressure won’t respond well to an activity that has those same components.

Team Building Focus – What type of activity would be most beneficial to individual team members?  Activities can focus on a variety of team skills including increased social interaction, creativity, using peers as resources, giving back to community, friendly competition, dealing with change, team diversity, problem solving skills, group cohesion, process improvement etc.  Participants should know in advance the purpose of the activity and how it will benefit them and their team.

Choosing A Fun Provider

If you want to a fun team building activity you need to choose a company that is experienced, creative, high energy and highly professional with a great sense of humor.  Here are some tips for selecting a fun team building organization.

Web-Site – It should look colorful, fun, unique, creative and engaging.  It should also be organized and professional.  If it looks like a plain old cookie cutter site with no imagination then you probably won’t find creative and fun activities there.

Contact the Company – Ask to speak to a team building facilitator not a sales person.  Tell them about your team (they should ask you a lot of questions.)  Request a proposal for a variety of fun program options that will fit you group size, time, budget and team objectives.

Flexibility – Creative fun team builders are very flexible and are willing to customize activities that meet the needs of individual teams.  Look out for ridged companies that are not willing to listen and respond to your ideas, needs and concerns.

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