DIY: Effective and Free Team Building Exercises

Even the best teams need to participate in some team building events from time to time to help them reconnect, work on their communication, and renew their sense of shared values and motivation. Team building can also give a boost to employee morale so that the work environment is more jovial and inviting.

Yet you may not always have it in the budget to invest in formal team building courses. Maybe you plan for it once or twice a year, but maybe you have a need for it more often. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to give your team a refresher in between events.

DIY: Effective and Free Peoria Team Building Exercises

Here are a few free yet effective team building exercises you can do right now with your Arizona team:

What’s In a Name?

The best teams are those that know each other well. They spend time talking to each other around the office, and they know about each other’s lives and individual quirks.

You can encourage people to get to know each other by creating gathering spots around the office, such as a break room or a water cooler. You can also encourage them to get to know each other better by playing simple games during meetings or other events.

For example, you can play the name game and talk about what’s behind each person’s name. What did Maria’s parents name her that? Was Jonathan named after his father? Why does Katherine go by Kitty? Why does Jada go by her middle name?

If you have a larger group, you’ll want to play this game in smaller groups. Break the room up into groups of five to 10.

This may be a simple exercise, but it gives people a chance to get to know a little about each other and to connect. Depending on the stories that are shared, this might also give people some great conversation starters later that could lead to more connection.

Name That Tune

Do you remember when Barbara Walters used to ask her guests questions like, “If you were a kind of tree, what tree would you be?” These questions may have made for great joke fodder, but they also gave hiring managers great ideas for how to get to know applicants better.

You can use the same concept for Peoria AZ team building. Ask everyone to name a song that they think embodies the spirit of the team now and the team they would like to become. Some good answers might be things like “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

You will learn a great deal from this exercise about how the team thinks it should be. You will also learn a lot about what the team thinks its strengths and weaknesses are from the songs it chooses to describe how it is now. If you get songs like “My Way” by Limp Bizkit or “I Hate Everything about You” by Three Days Grace being suggested, you know you have serious problems.

Play Ball

Asking open-ended questions is a great way for team members to get to know one another.

A fun game you can play involves writing a number on each of the panels of a soccer ball and then rolling it or passing it among team members. Team members should answer the question that corresponds to whatever number their thumb touches when they grab the ball.

Questions can be things like, “Who is your hero and why?” or “If you were starting your career over, what would you change?”

The questions help team members get to know each other and encourage important conversation about career growth.

While these are great games that can encourage team bonding, there is no true substitute for team building events led by a professional. Direct Effect Team Building offers corporate team building courses in the Phoenix area for all types of companies and all team sizes. Our team building events can help improve communication among team members, promote employee morale, and encourage a shared sense of values. With a stronger team, your company will more quickly reach its goals and will work toward establishing long-term success.

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