Creative Team Building Ideas

Team Building today comes in many as many colors and flavors as the Ice Cream section in your local grocery store.  It’s great to experiment and try new and exciting Team Building ideas in an effort to have a positive impact on the members of your team.  However, there is a good reason Blue Bell doesn’t sell “Totally Tuna Fish” flavored Ice Cream!  So, here are some fresh great tasting Ideas for you to consider when shopping for your team.

Creative team building event program with Direct Effect in Arizona

“Talladega Afternoon”
This high energy team event is designed around the idea of creating and racing mini pinewood cars.  This NASCAR inspired activity is a spoof on the popular movie “Talladega Nights.” Race Teams will Build Mini Race Cars, Create “Tail Gate” Hors d’oeuvres, Develop a Team Mascot and Theme & Decorate Pit Row Garages.

 “Bikes & Bears”
This high energy team event is designed around two fun and rewarding tasks, building bikes and stuffing / decorating teddy bears to be donated to children associated with local community organizations.  Participants will engage both their minds and bodies as they work through this fast paced philanthropic Team Building session.

“Color Pumper Transport”
This colorful challenge requires teams to engineer a fluid transport system with limited resources.  In this “real-life” factory simulation, different color fluids must be moved from a central starting point to any of 12 depository locations.  Each work team is given play money and a reasonable budget to purchase building materials. At the conclusion of the ultimate engineering challenged machines will be judged based on performance and awards presented to winning teams.

 “Masterpiece Murals”
Working together on up to 8 pre-drawn canvases, teams will paint colorful prints that  when combined form beautiful natural murals.  This truly creative session also has a philanthropic twist. The finished works of art can be displayed back in the workplace or can be donated to charitable organizations.

 “Project Funway” “At Project Funway, one day you are in and the next day you are out!”  In this creative Team Building session participants will attempt to “Sew Up” the competition with their wacky “Business Casual” designs.  Teams are challenged to create a line of “Business Casual” clothing with a creative mix of non-traditional materials to choose from.  Designers will “make it happen” with creative minds, fashion sense, hot glue guns and sewing machines.

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