Create A Car

In the spirit of Soap Box Derby, Monsters Garage, and Trick My Ride, business teams will build a custom racing machine. Race teams will choose parts from a variety of raw materials including cardboard, PVC pipe and of course, lots of duct tape. After teams secure materials they must design a one-person machine on paper, choose a driver and figure out maximum propulsion techniques.

Successful car building requires total teamwork including problem solving, creativity, focused leadership, thoughtful decision making and clear assignment of each team member’s role and responsibilities. As the car takes shape, teams are ready to test drive, detail and make final mechanical adjustments before the big race.

The climax of this Indy style event is when teams present their “Tricked Out” cars at the starting line. Drivers then race through a series of qualifying heats. Each win gets them closer to the checkered flag that will determine which race teams will be crowned champions!

Team Building Effects

  • Stimulates creative engineering
  • Emphasizes strategic planning
  • Encourages team brainstorming
  • Offers fun competition
  • Simulates timelines
  • Mandates meeting product specification
  • Simulates marketing the final product
  • Enhances team leadership
  • Delineates roles & responsibilities
  • Builds team spirit
  • Encourages sportsmanship

Create A Car team building program

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