Corporate Culture: What is it and why is it so important for your Chandler team?

Everybody has heard of corporate culture, but how many of us are actually able to define it and tell us why it is so important for the success of your business team?

Corporate Culture: What is it and why is it so important for your Chandler team?

Corporate Culture: What is it and why is it so important for your Chandler team?

Here are a few examples on why a great corporate culture is essential for your business!
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While the term itself popped up in the 1980ies, it has been generally used since the 90ies to describe a company’s value system, how it is managed and how people communicate and work with each other. Essentially, corporate culture is reflected in everything related to the business that does not pertain to business transactions per se, meaning dress code, benefits, values, communication and so on.

If you have a healthy corporate culture, your employees will be more productive, happier, turnover will be low and customer satisfaction will go way up. In a manner of speaking, corporate culture can be seen as the company’s happiness factor. Corporate culture is so important that the Harvard Business Review talked about the “Six Components of a Great Corporate Culture” back in 2013.

Negative corporate culture prevents personal and company development and creates employees that are dreading going to work. Examples include: executives do not withhold important information from their employees, doors are closed most of the time, giving the feeling of separation and exclusion, workers or employees are chastised but not praised, management does not consider solutions that could improve the work climate and increase productivity and just plain run the company with a take it or leaving mindset. Today, more than ever, it is important to see the company as a whole, not as two units separated into management and everybody else.

For your Chandler company to be successful and run like a well-oiled engine, the best policy seems to be that of inclusion. The biggest asset of creating a healthy corporate culture is not only that employees identify themselves with the company, but that productivity and customer satisfaction will sky rocket.

Of course there are always teams that under-perform, even if the corporate culture is great. Personal struggles or interpersonal diversity issues can create tension between team members and undermine the success of your Chandler team.

Maybe you can resolve issues by sitting down and talking it out, maybe you need to dig deeper for your team to see eye to eye again.

A Chandler corporate team building event can be a great solution to foster positive corporate culture and bringing team spirit back to life. Through specifically designed and chosen activities, you can get your Chandler team talking again and improve communication.

Additionally, the individual members of the team regain a better understanding and appreciation of each other and each other’s ability.

While some companies have an extremely stringent recruiting process in order to attract the “right” kind of employees, a corporate team building retreat can be just as useful in creating a team that jives well.
Team Building for better corporate culture in Chandler, AZ
Corporate Culture is the glue that holds your company together, its character attracts a specific set of employees and clients alike, it is what you want the company to be and stand for. Everybody knows about Google’s, Patagonia’s, and Pixar’s corporate cultures. While they might be too creative and free spirited for your Chandler business, they can be a great way to figure out, which direction is right for you and your company.

Meanwhile, you can help your team increase its productivity by planning a fantastic Chandler team building event with Direct Effect. Contact us today to learn more about our programs!

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