Corporate Boot Camp

“Sir yes Sir!”

Corporate Boot Camp is a fun military themed adventure that is sure to get your troops into tip top shape. Many of today’s popular team building programs have their roots in Basic Training exercises. The armed service was one of the first organizations to make effective team work and team training their highest priority.

Business groups are divided into squadrons representing Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Then the team building maneuvers begin. Our quality control officers (Drill Sergeants) will gently guide / push the troops through a series of challenges involving intellectual, physical, and social scenarios.

Throughout the operation troops are evaluated, scored and debriefed on their performance in each training exercise. Then with the appropriate pomp and circumstance, specially designed medals are awarded to Military Branches with the highest scores.

Team Building Effects

  • Builds trust
  • Increases communication
  • Stimulates strategic thinking
  • Promotes accountability
  • Emphasizes individual roles/responsibilities
  • Encourages positive leadership
  • Utilizes peers as resources
  • Strengthens positive team attitudes
  • Builds relationships
  • Simulates dealing with change
  • Encourages fun
  • Establishes team goals

Corporate Boot camp team building program

Take your corporate team to a bootcamp to build team skills
Corporate team boot camp with Direct Effect in AZ

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