Color Pumpers

This colorful challenge requires teams to engineer a fluid transport system with limited resources. In this “real-life” factory simulation, different color fluids must be moved from a central starting point to any of 12 depository locations. Each work team is given a reasonable budget and will purchase building materials at our own “Pump Boys Warehouse." Successful teams will build machines with a thoughtful mix of PVC pipe, clear tubing, male and female connectors, Y valves, electric pumps and gaskets.

Each member of the Color Pumpers team must be trained to flawlessly operate their transporting machine. The “Fluid-Master” can ask any member of any engineering team to perform a color transport task. Quality assurance testers will also carefully inspect each machine for meeting safety codes, minimum building specifications, and unacceptable fluid leaks.

The highlight of this engineering mind bender is when teams compete to see who can reach their pumping quota. After the judging phase is completed, specially designed awards are presented to the winners in a variety of categories.

Team Building Effects

  • Allows for creative engineering
  • Encourages sequenced design planning
  • Creates a user-friendly system
  • Simulates working with limited resources
  • Involves team members in managing a budget
  • Emphasizes time management
  • Delineates individual roles/responsibilities
  • Practices managing complex tasks
  • Practices cross-training employees
  • Emphasizes quality assurance standards
  • Simulates meeting realistic quotas
  • Increases leadership skills
  • Encourages creating a competitive edge

Leadership Skills

Creative engineering skill building with Color Pumpers
Help your corporate team build time Management skills
Strategic planning with a corporate team
Team Collaboration skill building with Direct Effect in AZ
Color Pumpers Setup for team building event
Fostering Exploration with a team building program
Encouraging Innovation at Direct Effect Team Building
Competitive Design skills with a professional team building event

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