Building Phoenix Team Spirit from Start-Up Onward

Building Phoenix Team Spirit from Start-Up Onward!

Building Phoenix Team Spirit from Start-Up Onward!

Here are a few things you can do to build your team spirit from the moment you launch your start up!
Phoenix, Arizona

Launching a start up is an exciting time that is full of possibility. The decisions you make during this critical period will influence your future success, so it is important that you make the right ones.

In particular, you need to be sure that you hire the right team members and foster the right company culture. If you don’t, you will allow negativity and poor performance to set in, and everyone will accept this as the status quo, thereby breeding more of the same.

Participating in fun Phoenix corporate team building activities can help your employees get started on the right foot together. Here are a few other things you can do to build your team spirit from the moment you launch your start up:

Create Traditions

Company traditions help set the tone for the culture and what is expected. The right company traditions can also help employees feel connected, which promotes a stronger sense of team spirit.

The traditions you choose can be designed to create a more pleasant working environment, or they can help instill essential skills. For example, if your company serves a diverse population, you might start a tradition where employees speak a particular language all day one week. In Arizona, that probably means speaking Spanish to serve the growing Latino population.

Traditions that help create a more fun and enjoyable work environment might include things like a weekly lunch out or a monthly family picnic. You don’t necessarily have to pay for these things. Sponsoring and encouraging them will be enough to get employees to participate in most cases.

However, if you have the budget to pay, you’ll make an even bigger impression on your employees.

Give Employees Room to be Creative

Creative employees come up with solutions for company challenges, think of innovative ways to reach new customers, and even come up with the ideas for your next product or service. Employees cannot tap into that creativity if they are burdened by excessive workloads.

You need to create both physical and mental space for employees to be creative. That means giving them the time to brainstorm or ruminate over projects. That also means giving them a physical space to share ideas, such as a large chalkboard or white board or a shared document. Hang the board in a shared space where employees can contribute as ideas arise. If you can, include a communal working space, such as some couches positioned around a table.

Provide Incentives

Work needs to be fun to motivate employees day after day, but there are few opportunities to make work fun. One thing you can do is to “gamify” your workplace, or provide incentives.

Introduce competitions wherever you can, such as identifying who can generate the most leads in a month or who has the best idea for a new product name. You can also introduce “badges” or “achievements” such as are offered in gaming communities. For example, you could offer the “bilingual achievement badge” to someone who completes a language course to better serve customers or the “team spirit achievement badge” to someone who lends a hand to a team member during a project.

The more incentives and recognition you can introduce, the more motivated employees will be. Make sure these incentives are meaningful and that they are able to lead to actual rewards, such as bonuses or prizes.

Check In Regularly

Married couples need to go on regular date nights to reconnect and preserve their bond. You don’t need to take your employees on dates, but you do need to offer plenty of opportunities to check in so that you can all connect and feel like you are on the same page about the direction of a project and the company in general.
Team Building Events for Start up Businesses
Hold regular meetings, and provide other ways for employees to check in. For example, you might take a few minutes each day to gather in the break room for coffee and ask everyone to share what they’re working on right now or to share recent successes. These get togethers don’t have to be long or involved; they just need to give employees the chance to regularly share what they are doing so they can stay connected and feel like they really know all of their team members.


Most employees get little more than a “good job” when things go well — and sometimes not even that.

If you want your team to feel good about the work they are doing, you need to show your appreciation. Celebrate with them often. Hold a wrap party at the end of a big project, or bring in cake when someone wins and award. Even little gestures can go a long way. Send out congratulatory emails when someone has a win, or just send out an acknowledgement when someone goes the extra mile. Recognize employees of the month, and offer bonuses for exceptional performance.

Of course, you should also celebrate when there are holidays or special occasions, like a birthday or the arrival of a new baby. These celebrations show that you care about your employees and want to recognize them even if they are not doing something directly to benefit your company. These celebrations also make your company a more fun and pleasant place to work.

If you are currently struggling with your Phoenix team building, try implementing some of these policies and then call Direct Effect. We offer fun corporate team building activities either in your office or at another site in Tempe. We can do day-long workshops or host entire retreats. Our events are focused on promoting team spirit by improving communication among your employees, promoting a shared sense of vision, and motivating employees. We aim to encourage innovation, creativity, and leadership through our team building activities. Call us today to learn more about the options for our fun corporate team building activities in Tempe. We are able to customize a package to suit your company’s needs.

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