Build a Successful Sales Team with These 3 Team Building Activities

Does your Scottsdale business have a sales team in need of a serious team makeover? Or are you a business with a new sales team that can’t quite meet their quota? Scottsdale team building exercises and corporate team building are fantastic and effective ways to improve the team morale and individual commitment to the success of a workforce.

Build a Successful Sales Team with These 3 Team Building Activities

The effectiveness of team building exercises for your Scottsdale, Arizona sales team

A motivated and highly effective sales team is vital to the success of a company. Your sales team does quite a bit– they build rapport with your clients and in turn your clients build the foundation for your company. When your sales team is lacking, their lack of quality relationships with clients chips away at the foundation of the business. The business is then weaker and less successful. So when deciding how to properly build a good sales team, a good leader must do what it takes to make sure team morale and dedication is up and stays up. One very effective way to do this is to implement team building exercises into a daily, weekly, or seasonal routine for your sales team.

But do team building exercises actually make a difference? Scottsdale Corporate team building may seem very optional or downright silly to implement in a workplace setting. However, team building isn’t just doing strange dances and chanting company mantras together in the morning before the work day starts. Team building is in itself a science and a skill. Being able to effectively change the mood of a team and improve employees’ desire to work hard for a company are two skills that should be considered vital to being a great leader. Team building is a way to do both those things easily.

Three team building activities that are fun and effective

Help build your sales team’s relationships

A team isn’t a team unless everyone can work together and work together well. Building trust and interdependence between members of your sales team has great benefits. When you know how to work together well, the company can only benefit from what a group of dedicated employees to do. Help your employees get in sync with each other with this fun activity:

Human Foosball – Take the tabletop game to the next level with this fun, physical, and outrageous game. The theme of this activity is to inspire complete teamwork. Participants will act as the foosball pieces within an inflatable soccer field and will have to work in sync with their team to win. Strategies are vital to winning the game, making Human Foosball a great game to release some physical tension as well as inspire strategic thinking and problem solving between employees.

Improve your team’s ability to strategize

A great sales team needs to strategize. Not only that, but they have to strategize and compromise with each other on the best route to take for a specific problem. A team with the ability to work together well is vital. Encourage your sales team to work together to solve problems with this neat exercise:

Create A Car – In this fun exercise, a team must build a small vehicle that can fit a single person and race. Teams are provided with raw materials for this activity and must strategize together on how to building their racing machine so it not only looks good, but functions well. This activity can really showcase individual strengths and break the ice between shy employees. Focused leadership, thoughtful decision making, a focus on personal responsibility, and a clear assessment of every individual team member’s role in the project will inspire a team to work together for success during the activity and back at the office.

Inspire healthy competition, not unhealthy stress

Sales teams often compete with each other in a commission-based sales job. This can be very stressful– so stressful that a sale team will not work well together and isolate themselves for the sake of making the most money. What many people don’t understand is that a strong sales team that works together with find more success (and more money) than a group of isolated, stressed-out over-competitive employees. Inspire healthy competition and help build workplace friendships with this cool activity:

Strategic Effects – The theme of this ultimate (and intense) group of activities from Direct Effect Team Building is to improve a team’s ability to strategize together and work together more effectively. The comfort zone of shying away from other employees and focusing on earning one’s own commissions is done away. Creative problem solving and team decision making are the main elements that make this a great group of activities for relieving employee stress and improving teamwork. Strategic Effects includes intellectual, physical, social, and corporate activities that are customized for a specific company team. Activities can be done inside or outdoors.

Build a Successful Sales Team with These 3 Team Building Activities

A team building coach you can trust

Direct Effect Team Building is a professional training and coaching group that specializes in the use of team building exercises and activities to improve the overall function and productivity of a workplace team by strengthening relationships, boosting morale, and encouraging individual skills and talents. Direct Effect Team Building understands that a business is nothing without its team, and creating a team building experience that will stay without employees long after the fun is over is in the best interest of a business.

It is very easy for employees in work environments to feel isolated and disposable, especially in a world of fast-paced business and dependance on technology. When a sense of community and appreciation for your employees’ hard work come into play, some of that isolation can be taken away. Creating an experience through team building activities daily, weekly, or seasonally can boost your team’s morale and desire to invest in the company they work for. Call us today and we’ll build your sales team to success.

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