Build A Boat

“Are ye ready, mates?”

I can’t hear you! If nautical nonsense be something you wish… then our Build-A-Boat activity will “knock the barnacles off yer team!” In this exhilarating activity team captains and first mates will eventually take to the high seas as they compete with other crews in this rickety rafting regatta.

Teams are challenged to create a seaworthy craft from a set of raw materials. Each vessel must support 2 crew members as they navigate around a set of buoys that outline the charted racecourse.

The colorful climax of this aquatic competition requires captains and crews to present their boats for a critical inspection at water’s edge. Once the race order is determined each vessel will take to the sea. The spectators are the real winners, as they watch their peers sink, swim and paddle like a rabid octopus racing for the Corporate Cup!

Team Building Effects

  • Stimulates creative engineering
  • Encourages strategic planning
  • Emphasizes team brainstorming
  • Offers an amusing competition
  • Simulates timelines
  • Practices working with limited resources
  • Specifies resource management
  • Emphasizes meeting product specification
  • Simulates marketing the final product
  • Enhances team leadership
  • Delineates roles & responsibilities
  • Builds team spirit
  • Establishes team anchors

Build A Boat team building program

Team leadership skills with team building exercise
Team Brainstorming skill building with build a boat
Team Participation tactics with Direct Effect Boat activity
Assigned Roles for team building events
Working within Constraints with Build a Boat
Lasting improvements in team quality

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