Bikes & Bears

This high energy team event is designed around two fun and rewarding tasks, building bikes and stuffing / decorating teddy bears to be donated to children associated with local non-profit community organizations. This is a challenging program where your group will be divided into teams to complete problem solving activities. As teams accomplish each task they will be rewarded with tools and materials needed to build child sized bicycles and stuff and clothe teddy bears. Each team is given puzzles to solve and hidden secrets to unlock in an effort to acquire the resources needed (part by part) to build their bicycles and bears. Teams will discover obstacles along the way that must be overcome in order to accomplish their goal. Each participant will engage both their mind and body as they work through this fast paced team building session.

Bikes and Bears team building program
At the conclusion of this event the bicycles that have been created will be presented to several enthusiastic young children from a local charitable organization. Our preferred charities include Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brothers / Big Sisters or we can use a charity of your choice. The teddy bears will be donated to representatives from the Fire / Police Department and or the burn unit of the local children’s hospital who will use them to comfort children involved in traumatic events.

Team Building Effects

  • Stimulates strategic thinking
  • Promotes charity
  • Emphasizes individual roles/responsibilities
  • Encourages creative problem solving
  • Uses peers as resources
  • Strengthens positive team attitudes
  • Builds relationships
  • Simulates leadership skills
  • Encourages positive risk taking
  • Establishes team goals
  • Creates team alignment
  • Promotes positive communication
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