3 Quick Team Building Activities to Engage Co Workers

For proper employee team building in Gilbert or to make any professional relationship “work” there needs to be proper communication and positive workplace interactions. No matter who you are communicating with at the workplace it is essential that it be effective. Ensuring that it is effective communication keeps employees engaged and also curbs frustration and confusion. Other times communication may need to be encouraged. These are effective team building activities. As with anything, practice makes perfect and it is now known that teams that practice their communication skills not only enhance communication between each other, but they also enhance their workplace’s productivity. Today we lay out 3 easy steps you can take to inspire teamwork and communication between your employees and/or co-workers. And don’t worry, they’ll all keep you out of the scorching Gilbert, Arizona sun!

quick team building activities

#1- Concentration

Useful in helping energize and rejuvenate a tired team, this team building activity doesn’t take up too much time. Group sizes should range in between 10-20 people.

  • Have everyone involved form two lines facing one another.
  • Have one team turn around, with their backs to the other team. This gives the other team 40 seconds to change ten things about themselves. They can change ANYTHING from their hair, clothes, watches, shoes…anything. Every change must be visible to the other team.
  • At the end of the 40 seconds have the first group turn around and attempt to find out what changes have been made.
  • After all the changes have been recognized it will then be the second groups turn, and so on.

This is a memory game and it is meant to challenge the players minds. Whenever there seems to be a lack of energy, implement this game. It’s effective when used for employee team building.

#2- Grab Bag Skits

Another awesome way to revive and rejuvenate your team, this acting exercise is short on time. According to how many groups are participating, each group will be given a goodie bag filled with 6 random objects. Group sizes can range from 10 players, to 50 players, depending on your team size. Now split your team into groups of 3 to 8 people. More groups means more playing time.

  • Pass out the goodie bags.
  • Every group must produce a three minute skit. Every object in their goodie bag must be used. Creativity is key, so it must be encouraged.
  • Each group may be allowed to make up their own skits, or they must follow a general topic. This choice is up to the manager on scene to decide. Be sure to make any topics work related.
  • Groups now have five minutes to produce their skit.
  • Every group performs their skit.
  • Optional: Each group can vote on the best skit of the day. Winners can be awarded small office luxuries for the day (breakfast, lunch, parking spots).

This exercise brings players out of their comfort zones. It allows players to form bonds with their co-workers, allowing them to trust each other, and be able to have fun with each other.

#3- Salt and Pepper

Another energizer for a tired team, this activity is fun. It’s time to make each other’s acquaintance and get to know each other. It’s a very short game and it doesn’t require a whole bunch of materials to get it started. Go grab a few sheets of paper, tape, and a pen. Group size can be between 5-45 people.

  • Hand out a small piece of paper to everybody.
  • Being the leader, or manager, it is up to you to concoct pairs of things, like PB & J, boy and girl, cat and mouse and so on. Be creative!
  • Take each pair and separate them on paper. Peanut butter on one sheet, Jelly on the other.
  • Take your tape and attach one piece of paper to each contestants back so they can’t see it.
  • Start the game. Everyone can walk around asking yes or no questions to try and figure out what they are, or what they have taped to their back.
  • After they get the right answer they can then go find the matching pair. At that time the two players with sit down with each other and find out 4 cool facts about each other.
  • The pairs will then introduce each other to the rest of the team.

team building engage coworkersCommunication is key in this activity. It forces the contestants to be creative amongst their co-workers. It’s about learning how to ask the right questions and re-enforces teamwork when it becomes absolutely necessary to work with others to achieve the goal.

Well there you have it. Now it’s time to take these activities back to the office. It’s tons of fun and the best part is that it’s super beneficial for the people and teams that get to play. For premier Gilbert employee team building you can count on the experts at Direct Effect to make it fun and to make it effective! Now get these games back to the office, and watch simple team building activities make gains at the bottom line. Contact us today for more information!

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