Experiential Team Building

Perky People Enjoying Team Building By Direct Effect

A Direct Effect’s mission is to provide a creative team building experience that will have a positive lasting effect on your business organization. Team building events are designed to put participants into unfamiliar places outside of the office, where the atmosphere is casual and in formal so your employees can act in a more true to self manner adding to the effectiveness of the team building exercises and activities. We believe that people learn when they are having fun through stimulating team building activities that have physical, intellectual, social, and business components.

Building Team Work through Individuals

With today’s technologically driven work environments, team members often feel isolated and compartmentalized, taking away from the productivity of human interaction and team work.

Effective Team Building and Bonding

Our proven method of experiential team building creates an anchor for each participant by allowing them the opportunity to express the we they think, make decisions and react during team building activities, there by increasing further understanding of co-workers and strengthening relationships in the workplace.

Group Team Building Workshops and Events

A Direct Effect offers a variety of team building programs that are creative and professionally facilitated. Contact us today to find out how your business organization can benefit from team building events, workshops and consulting services held by our facilitators at your location or campus. We work with you to meet the team building needs of your business by:

  • Facilitating on-site and retreat programs
  • Building trusting relationships
  • Increasing communication skills
  • Creating team alignment
  • Stimulating strategic thinking
  • Developing positive ways to deal with change
  • Encouraging team spirit
  • Providing physical release through fun competition

Our mission is to provide a creative Team Building experience that will have a positive long term “Effect” on your unique business.

Our proven method of experiential Team Building creates an anchor for each participant. It is this common bond that will make your group a success – not just for the day, but for the life of the team.

Direct Effect Team Building

We offer workshops, events and training sessions that are professionally facilitated and customized for your team. We work with you to meet your needs with programs that increase communication skills, create team alignment, stimulate strategic thinking, develop strategies for dealing with change and build team spirit, while providing a physical release through team focused activities.

On-site team building specialists at A Direct Effect

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